The day we arrived in Sedona, Arizona, we had been on the road for exactly 1 year. So when the lovely people from Sedona Motel offered us a room to stay for a couple of nights it was the perfect way to celebrate our achievement!

Coincidently we’d planned to meet the guys from Projeto Mundo Cão on the same day so we could travel together to the Overland Expo, in Flagstaff. And seeing as we were given a double-queen bedroom, why not to share a bit of the joy?

Ryan and Lori not only ensured we had a comfortable stay but went above and beyond helping us figure out what were the best things to do and see around town! We had no idea how many cool things there were to do in the Sedona area.

Vanda and Mundrungo (from Projeto Mundo Cão) enjoying a quite couple of days in Sedona.